Friday, 8 October 2010

Craving a Curry


Sorry, its been a week of birthday meals and social events which has meant not much cooking at home, but this weekend we have decided we are craving a curry so Quorn Tikka Masala is going to be the next recipe sampled.

On another note, I have been asked by my good friend Kelly (currently in hospital being induced with her first born - good luck Kells!) to share my red velvet cupcake recipe which is one I have been making for friends and family and various occasions for about a year now.

Whilst this is not a quorn thing, I reckon I may well post it on here rather than setting up another blog for baking. Hope nobody minds this! I will upload it over the weekend and also add the results of the Quorn Tikka Masala. Also intending to do the Quorn Balls in Tomato Sauce recipe during the next week or so, ingredients are on the shopping list for tonight (I must be insane to be doing my grocery shopping after work on a Friday but it's just the way it's fallen this week).

Back later with updates, ciao!

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