Friday, 8 October 2010

Quorn Tikka Masala

I have just made and eaten Quorn Tikka Masala from the Taste of Takeaway section of the cookbook.

Mixed feelings but on the whole pretty positive. It is tasty but for us it could have done with a bit more sauce and a bit more spice. Here is a photo of it once cooked, it did not look too far off the picture in the actual book:

In terms of weight watchers points, it is pretty low which is great. The main points are from the pieces, I made it with low fat greek yoghurt (the recipe did not specify either way) so that bought the points in lower and there is a small amount of oil and stock which also needs counting along with the tikka paste, this means the points total, based on the curry making four portions is 4 points per portion. 

If you then serve with a weighed out portion of rice for 3 points you have a pretty darn good curry for 7 points.

Taste wise, I would have liked it to have a bit more 'oomph' and therefore when I make this again I will use hot chilli powder instead of mild and use more of it. I may also use even more water to thin down and expand the sauce - although I did already add extra water at the end with this version. It is not a particularly saucy curry, so to speak.

This is pretty easy to make and I chose to defrost the Quorn pieces before marinading which I think makes the quorn soak in the sauce much better than from frozen. This saw me defrost a bag of pieces in the microwave for the first time, two bursts of 3 minutes with a shake in the middle and they were indeed defrosted perfectly, as per the guidance in the back of the book.

Husband gave this 7/10 as a dish so not bad at all.

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