Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Salsa & Nacho Crusted Fillets


Mmmmm. Very tasty this one! 

Usually we find fillets pretty bland and only use them chopped up in other dishes like jambalaya, but tonight I made the Salsa & Nacho Crusted Fillets and they were actually not just tasty but quite a welcome and interesting change.

This is them during cooking, before the nachos and cheese were added:

The bag of fillets contains 6 and the recipe suggests that this serves 2 or 3, personally I find quorn quite filling so I only had two, I served them with some mashed sweet potato and they went very well with this but would equally work with a salad or wedges to make them part of a more or less substantial meal.

A couple of picky things about the book so far which were particularly noticeable on this recipe relate to the missing bits of information which basically mean you have to guess, assume and just wing it really. 

For instance, on this recipe it does not clarify whether you are cooking these from frozen for this recipe or defrost first (in the back of the book it vaguely suggests that recipes work better from frozen unless there is a marinade - but the salsa here could be considered that). Also, no guidance is given on how best to crush the nachos or to what size, I went by the picture and ad libbed by putting them in a freezer bag and whacking them with a spoon. It also does not state which type of nachos to use, I chose lightly salted as they are my favourite but actually this recipe may benefit from a cheesy flavour.

Weight watchers points per portion (based on a portion being 2 fillets) are incredibly low again, the quorn equates to 1.5, the weighed out portion of cheese and nachos adds 2.5 points so provided you use a fresh salsa with no nasties in it (which is therefore zero points) overall the quorn fillets are 4 points for a portion.

When they came out the oven they smelled amazing and looked pretty good too:

The texture is really interesting and works surprisingly well with the cheese and salsa heated up, like proper nachos like you see on the TV. My other half adored them and actually ate the remaining four that I had cooked. Very tasty and certainly it jazzes up the fillets which soak in some of the salsa flavours.

I will definitely be making these again and will potentially try them with the suggested Monteray Jack cheese (I used mature cheddar today) and cheese flavoured nachos.

9/10 for this one from both of us, which was a surprise as I was not expecting to be that impressed!


  1. I'm just about to send off for my Quorn book so I'm very interested in how you're finding it!
    Plus I loved Julie and Julia too!

  2. That's really great to hear - I hope you enjoy both the book and the blog! Ali

  3. I actually have two bags of Quorn fillets in the freezer, they have been in there for months! This blog has given me a few ideas so they'll actually get used now!

  4. This looked like it would be my favourite recipe in the book, and now I'm even more keen to try it!