Monday, 13 September 2010

Waiting (Im)Patiently


I am still waiting for the Quorn book to arrive, it is slightly annoying as I have not yet received the dispatch notification....but worry not, once received I am definitely embarking on a quorn shaped adventure.

Over the weekend I used some quorn pieces in fajitas - they work really well in this dish, soaking in the flavour beautifully and tasting great in a wrap with sour cream and spicy salsa.

My other half has been trialling the chilled ham and beef style slices in lunchtime wraps with salad, salsa and cheese and particularly like the peppered beef variety. This is great as cheese sandwiches become very dull after a while and at least I know he is getting some protein at lunchtime from a source other than Cathedral City!

New burgers - Sweet Pepper and Red Onion are, in our opinion, the best yet from the Quorn range and on a sesame bun with relish, onion and some grated mature cheddar it is very hard to tell that this is not real meat. Apart of course, from the lack of gristly chunks and globs of fat dripping out, which are not particularly missed in our house.

I wish these burgers were not so highly priced though at around £2 for a pack of 2 burgers it makes for a poor comparison against meat products in the same vein.

Frankfurters are proving incredibly popular and I feel like we have been waiting years for these. I chop them up and make sausage and bean pasta, use them in jambalaya (with chopped up quorn fillets) and eat them as regular hot dogs in bread rolls. 

Right, thats enough of an update for now, hoping the book arrives this week and we can make a start.

Ciao for now. 

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