Monday, 6 September 2010

Inspired to Blog

Well hello.

Last night I watched the film Julie & Julia, about legendary American 'chef' Julia Child who learnt her trade in Paris in the 50s and then taught americans to cook fine (or a version of) French cuisine. Decades later Julie Powell, a new york based foodie with a godawful depressing cubicle based job decided to work her way through Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Child's piece de resistance, and to blog while she was doing it.

The result of this was then made into a film. Watching it last night I realised that I share a few of Julie's attributes, a love of food, a dependance on cooking as a method of relaxation and stress relief after a day at work and a desire to keep learning. I figured I might give it a go.

It so happened that I have just ordered a new cookbook, this being the Quorn Recipe book (currently on offer with two codes off special packs) and because, in my household, quorn is queen (I know, I know, but it sounds better...) I think I will use this as the basis.

My husband is pescatarian, i.e. he does not eat meat but eats fish. I am allergic to shellfish and do not like most other fish, however I do eat meat. The crux is that as a compromise we eat tons of straight veggie food in my house. Quorn is in my shopping trolley every week without fail.

So, I am writing this for me, as an outlet to document the journey and because I love to write anyway. If any fellow veggies (or carnivores) find it interesting then even better.

This is day one, the cookbook is ordered but has not yet arrived, I will be back with more detail once that has happened and I know how many recipes there are. In the film Julie gave herself a year to work through 540 odd recipes. I do not know yet how many recipes my book will have, but based on that I will indeed set a deadline.

Bon appetit!

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