Wednesday, 29 September 2010

A New Day is Quorn!


The book has arrived and I have had a chance to have a look through it - on the whole I am very excited about it and there are some great recipes to try, not as many as I was expecting but plenty enough to be going on with. The sections and recipe totals are broken down here:

Simple sharing snacks: 8
Light bites:                 7
Super soups:               4
Midweek winners:        11
Comfort classics:         7
Lazy weekend:            13
Food with friends:        8
A taste of takeaway:    9
Little chefs:                3

Total =                     70

So, we have 70 recipes to go at. I intend on completing all 70 by the end of March which works out at roughly 3 a week. I figure based on my shopping and our eating habits this is doable. Some weeks I guess I may do more and some weeks less - but I will tackle all of them.

One slight disappointment I notice, is that there is no nutritional guidance alongside each recipe, I will be attempting to figure out the weight watchers points for each recipe as I follow this plan anyway so it should be easy enough - it is a shame that Quorn did not include this information as standard though, especially given that so many people choose Quorn as a healthy option in the first place.

So, this week I am going to attempt the Steak, Ale and Mushroom pie - provided I can find the steak strips needed, going shopping tonight so fingers crossed! Looks good in the book though. Will be back to blog after or during the completion of this dish and once I have figured out the points value!

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