Friday, 25 March 2011

Sweet Potato Curry


This thai style curry is again from the 'Little Chefs' section at the back of the cookbook - recipes designed to be easy for kids to help with. It is indeed a very simple curry recipe but it works very nicely and the sweet potato gives it a lovely flavour.

Essentially, this curry is just red thai curry paste and coconut milk with a bag of quorn pieces and 300g of sweet potato chunks in it. Very simple indeed. The fresh coriander stirred in at the end gives it an authentic flavour and works very well. We felt that the quorn was not overly strong in flavour in this recipe but the sweet potato worked very well. The recipe calls for only half a tblsp of the thai paste but we used 2 tbslp knowing our preference for spicy food. 

This recipe could benefit from the addition of some lemongrass and fresh garlic, but for a quick and simply curry it is perfectly adequate and quite enjoyable.

This is the curry served with basmati rice:

In terms of weight watchers points, this is quite a good recipe considering the coconut milk (I used a light version anyway). Based on this recipe making 4 portions, each serving is 13 points including a standard portion of rice. This is broken down as follows: rice (6), quorn (2), coconut milk (3), curry paste (2).

We quite enjoyed this and as a quick and healthy meal we would probably make it again, all be it with some tweaks to add intensity to the flavours. We gave it a 7/10.

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