Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Steak Wraps


This recipe is from the 'snacks for sharing' section of the quorn cookbook and I made it for our lunch over the weekend. It was actually a very enjoyable lunch and a serving of two wraps is substantial and a good portion.

This is a photo of one wrap 'undone' and one wrapped. I cannot fathom how they make the ones in the book stick with the seal on the top but I can't do it so this is the best way I can show them:

The method is pretty simple; each wrap is spread with onion relish and some fresh rocket leaves then the stir fried steak strips and mushrooms are mixed with roasted peppers, chopped up olives and sun blush tomatoes and spread between the wraps which are then folded up ready to eat.

The onion relish adds a lovely sweetness to the filling and I liked the roasted peppers and sun blush tomatoes too. The filling is very flavoursome and not over heavy on the steak strips either. Only 150g is needed for 6 wraps, it is plenty however, given the amount of other elements within the fillings.

On a health basis, these are not ideal but then it could be worse. Each portion of 2 wraps is 10 propoints worked out as follows: wraps (6), steak strips (1), onion relish (1), sun blush tomatoes (1), oil (1). You will notice that most of the points are from the wraps, I used a smaller version from asda (not the large deli wraps) and this was the lowest pointed wraps I could locate. The larger ones are 4 points each.

This is therefore a substantial chunk of points for a lunch but it is very enjoyable and is a recipe I am likely to make (or roughly follow) again in the future. I have never tried an onion based relish before and that was definitely a plus point.

Overall we gave this recipe 7/10.

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