Thursday, 3 March 2011

Ciabatta Pizza


This is the final pizza-esque recipe from the Quorn cookbook and actually it is a blinder! Simply, tasty and very filling, this makes use of ciabatta as the base and contains quorn sausages in the topping. Mr O made this for our tea the other night after I had had a particularly long and tiring day and it was just the ticket.

Basically you slice a whole ciabatta loaf in half and then split each half in two so that you have four half depth slabs of bread to act as your bases. Each one is then spread with bruscetta topping (ready made as per the recipe - I picked mine up from Asda where it is kept with the ketchup, olives and condiments) and pre-cooked and sliced sausages and chopped black olives are scattered across the top. This is then topped with some grated mozzarella cheese and baked for around 15 minutes.

This is what the end result looks like:

The taste is very nice indeed and it works well with the olives and the sausages, both quite distinct flavours. The bruscetta topping is also very nice although it does feel like a bit of a cheat. I would normally make tomato sauce for pizzas. However - this bruscetta topping has quite an intense sun dried tomato flavour and it works well with this particular pizza. All the flavours here are strong and I think that is why I really enjoyed it.

I think it could work with less cheese and that would cut down on the calories / weight watchers points. But it is lovely with the full amount of mozzarella on it. Unfortunately this recipe is always going to be much nicer without tweaking and that makes it quite a high value recipe in terms of points - definitely worth it as a treat though.

Based on the recipe serving 4 the point value per serving is 11 which works out as follows: ciabatta (5), sausages (2), mozarella (3), bruscetta topping (1). If you serve it as 4 portions then you ideally need to put something with the pizza as it is not very big. I was absolutely ravenous when we ate ours and I am ashamed to say I therefore ate 2 of these size portions and blew a whole 22 points of my daily allowance on it (thank goodness for the weekly extra pot).

I really did enjoy this recipe though and I felt it was worth the amount of points allocated to it. We will definitely make this again. It is also worth noting that this recipe sits in the 'snacks for sharing' section of the book and the recipe suggests that you cut it into small finger portions for parties - it would work exceptionally well if you did this. A very versatile recipe.

We give this lovely pizza dish a 9/10.

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