Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Spicy Mexican Pizza


The final of the 3 pizzas featured in the Quorn cookbook graced our table on Sunday night and in keeping with what is fast becoming tradition in our house, Mr O did the cooking.

For me, this is definitely my favourite of the three pizzas by far. It tasted less greasy and heavy and the flavours were really distinctive and enjoyable. This is what the pizza looked like - I also think it is the most aesthetically pleasing of the three:

The method for this one is in keeping with a traditional pizza (and in contrast to the Bolognese version from the book). The sauce is applied cold to the base and cooked on top of the pizza. I really was impressed with the sauce here though which was the tastiest by far; chopped tomatoes, tomatoe puree, garlic and - the sepecial ingredient - coriander, are mixed together before being spread on the base. Monteray Jack cheese is used instead of mozzarella and green peppers, quorn fajita pieces and sweetcorn are scattered across the top.

Mr O tweaked it by adding some chilli flakes to the sauce as he knows we like a bit of spice in our food and it worked really well. The recipe actually makes two smaller pizzas rather than one big one although a portion size is based on half a pizza still so makes for a much smaller portions. I actually ate about 2/3 of this pizza before I was full but I have based the points values on the portion sizes as if you served it with a side salad it would be a perfectly adequate meal.

So, why was this my favourite? I think because it had more chunky veg on it than the others did, it is much more like a pizza I would choose to buy or order and lighter on the cheese. But the coriander is a star player for me - you can really taste it through the sauce and it adds a really interesting flavour which cuts through the others. I love coriander so for me it was the icing on the cake. This is definitely one I will be making again.

This was also the first time I had bought or used the Quorn Fajita Strips and as a product these will definitely be appearing on my shopping list again, the fact they are ready seasoned is very convenient and it was the flavouring of these which added to the overall effect on this pizza. They are spicy but not overly so.

Points wise, each portion (1/2 pizza) is 9 points based on the following: base (6), quorn (1), cheese (2). Still heavy if you do in fact eat more than half the pizza but not too bad for such an enjoyable meal. Well worth the points spend in my opinion.

We gave this a 9/10.

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