Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Quorn Bolognese Pizza


The second pizza we have trialled from the Quorn cookbook and Mr O took the reins again on this one (I think he secretly likes cooking from time to time, he used to work as a chef in his local pub in the holidays). 

So, this recipe is much more complicated than the quorn balls pizza and requires a bolognese sauce to be made first in a pan then spread across the base before adding the cheese. In the interests of this blog I insisted Mr O followed the recipe (much to his annoyance) and I watched him make it.

I have to say I think I prefer the quorn balls pizza in terms of flavour - but the method here could certainly be adapted to improve on this.

Here is the pizza when cooked:

You will notice that the sauce looks almost burnt here - but it isn't, in effect the sauce gets cooked twice and takes on a dark hue, but it certainly does not taste burnt.

The bolognese sauce is a fairly standard combination of onions, garlic, quorn mince, chopped tomatoes, tomato puree, vegetable stock and seasoning. The recipe calls for both mozzarella and cheddar on the top which unfortunately bulks out the fat content.

Points wise this is even higher for half a pizza than the quorn balls version, this is 18 propoints per portion made up as follows: base (7), quorn mince (2), oil (1), mozzarella (5), cheddar (3). This is a pretty high point count even though I used a lower fat version of the mozzarella. I would suggest this does not actually need both types of cheese and could work with smaller pizza bases to decrease the portion size.

Overall, this was quite enjoyable but I think I preferred the quorn balls pizza. I would give this a 7/10, I would add a bit of spice to the bolognese sauce if we made it again but it is a good way of making an interesting meal with quorn mince.

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