Friday, 25 May 2012

Quorn Thai Noodles


Well, this is the end of an era for me - the final recipe from the Quorn book and the end of this project (but not the end of the blog, worry not!).

It has taken me a while to do these last few because they were all salad-esque recipes and in the UK our summer has taken forever to arrive this year. However, this last few days have been glorious and this week I finally made Quorn Thai Noodles which is a light meal, perfect for warm weather.

There is no online recipe for this at the Quorn site but it is a very simple one and I will detail it here.

Basically you use quorn fillets for this and all you need to do with them is defrost them and saute them until browned and cooked through, then slice them diagonally into large chunks and put to one side. Your dressing is made by mixing the juice and zest of one lime, 2 teaspoons of soy sauce, 2 teaspoons of sweet chilli sauce, two chopped garlic cloves and a tblsp of oil (I used peanut). Tip this dressing over the chopped quorn chunks and leave to marinade for as long as you like.

The key with this recipe is to prep everything so it is to hand, this way it is very quick to cook, so chop one carrot and one pepper into thin slices, one small bunch of fresh coriander roughly and 4 spring onions finely. Cook 60g fine rice noodles and then drain and put to one side along with a good handful of bean sprouts. Now you are ready to assemble the dish! 

In a wok heat a tblsp of oil and fry off the noodles and chopped veg/beansprouts for a few minutes before throwing in the quorn pieces and marinade plus the spring onions and coriander, this is what it looks like while cooking:

You then literally warm it through and its done. The book advises to serve this at room temperature but I served it straight from the wok, here it is served:

Presentation wise I wish I had used a red pepper instead of an orange one as the overall look is quite orange and the contrast would be better but taste wise this was very nice indeed.

We did find it quite dry as there is very little marinade as you can probably see, the strongest flavours were the lime juice and the coriander but that did mean that the dish tasted quintessentially Thai.

This is quite a nice light supper dish and I probably would make it again, I would be tempted to beef up the marinade with more sweet chilli and soy sauces next time but it would be very easy to tweak.

In terms of propoints, although the recipe states this makes 4 portions, I made it make 3 as we had it for a main meal rather than as a lunch or light portion, based on it serving three therefore each portion works out at 7 points which is a bit of a bargain! It breaks down like this quorn (2), noodles (3), oil (2).

I quite liked this recipe and will do something similar in the future I am sure. I would give this a 7/10.

And that, folks, is all of the recipes from the Quorn book done!

I will blog soon with a round up of the experiment and my intention is to carry this blog on with more recipes (quorn and other) proving that veggie food can be fab!

Thanks for sharing this journey with me! x

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